Attractive hairstyles for a girl?

board of my hair just being chucked up in ponytail/ just down and straight
any ideas on what to do with it?


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  • I've always thought that ponytails are the cutest hairstyle for a girl, however long straight/wavy hair is a close second/third


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  • Have you tried braiding it so it'll get wavy? Or leave it braided? :)

    • my hair is naturally curly :( I always straighten it and I am board of it now so just whack it up outta the way

    • Just leave it curly. My hair is naturally curly too and I may not like it but others love it. Flat ironing totally damages the hair. You should do it as less as possible. :)

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  • It depends on your face shape and hair length. I can't really much help you if I don't know what you look like.


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