Is dressing nerdy a turn off?

I am 18 and in uni, and I guess the clothes I wear are kinda nerdy. It's not that I try to dress nerdy, they're just the clothes that I like. I don't really see how people can feel proper walking around in sweatpants, it seems lazy. Let alone doing so at a prestigious educational environment, I just don't get it it.
Generally I wear a button up shirt with a sweater or cardigan and maybe a blazer, with dress pants or jeans. Then I just wear my glasses (obviously) and sometimes a tie or bow tie. Think, lots of wool and lots of tweed.

Do girls think this is a turn off? It seems like they do.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • When you said nerdy, I first imagined a turtle neck, pants like you're expecting a flood, suspenders and sandals with socks. The style you described is not at all nerdy in my opinion, I would call it smart or preppy. It is actually one of my preferred styles for guys, definitely better than baggy jeans and snapbacks :)


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  • I dress pretty nerdy. Cargo shorts or athletic pants/shorts, a t-shirt or athletic t-shirt, running shoes and I wear my glasses.

    Does it attract women? Hell no. Does it matter? Hell no, not once I get my degree and start making 75k annually right out of college.


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  • I didn't mean to put turn off, ignore my vote on that one.
    I personally like it, maybe without the glasses but I love guys who dress well!

    • The one article of clothing/accessory that I can't change haha. :)

  • It's actually quite nice to hear someone who cares about dressing himself nice :) A lot depends on your attitude. At my university there are a lot of guys dress like you, and they act very stuck up. I can't stand these guys, but that has nothing to do with their clothes and everything with the attitude they carry themselves with.

    • No, I'm definitely not stuck up, just a normal person haha :)

    • Then I believe you have nothing to worry about, keep rocking those outfits ;)

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