My hair gets so greasy without putting products on it?

How can I prevent this other than excessively washing my hair, which is color treated? Also, any cute hairstyles that you can think of for shorter hair?


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  • If your hair gets greasy easily, it won't dry out from washing it often. My friend has hair that gets oily throughout the day, so she washes it daily and it's fine.

    Like others have suggested, there's shampoo for color treated hair, and it's more gentle than regular shampoo. I'm not sure what kind of hair you have though, it also depends on that (it looks medium thickness, and wavy?)


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  • a pixie cut will be nice looking

  • Um with your issue with greasy hair hun.. Use shampoo and conditioner (for colour treated hair) wash it every second day to prevent your hair from getting really greasy. It will help (its like not washing your body, if you dont use body wash to wash your body your going to feel icky same goes with hair) so just make sure you wash it with shampoo and conditioner! (you definitely need conditioner with the shampoo) hairstyles? Im not quite sure but other girls will know that 😏

    • I wash my hair, but since I'm of African descent people have told me to stop washing as often because clearly my hair will dry out, at least I thought. My mom told me to wash my hair every two days as well, as seeing she has long, silky wavy hair, maybe I should have taken her advice at first since she made half of me lol, Thanks.

    • Heheh yeah give mum some credit lol lol 😝

  • I think your hair is greasy because it can be 2 reasons:
    First. Depending on your age, your hair is at turning point. It hasn't found its origin yet. Hair needs time to complete to have its final characteristics.
    Second from my experience, you are washing your hair more than you need. So hair becomes greasy, because it gets used to that routine. Don't wash it everyday. Try to wash two- three times in a week. Yeah till it will seem like dropping oil. It will get used to be dry. I had the same problem. Now I am washing three times in a week. Problem solved. Also don't use conditioner more than green bean size because they also make your hair greasy. Try to apply conditioner to end point of your hair, not to origin of the hair on your head.

  • You should try dry shampoos.

    • what brand do you suggest?

    • I'm a really health-conscious person, so I like to DIY almost everything. The oldest trick in the book is to use corn starch (it works). It absorbs oils and water, so you can distribute it in your hair where you have grease. You could do this on the days that you don't wash your hair to give your hair a break as well still look decent.

    • Thanks so much

  • A bob
    And color treatment shampoos

    • Would they help with the greasiness? And a bob might work

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