GIRLS: What is the best way to maintain long hair?

Hey, so I've been growing out my hair for 4 years now and it reaches a little past my waist. But with the approach of winter my hair gets very brittle and/or starts falling out.. This has lessened a lot since I changed my diet and started eating more meat (I used to be anemic). I usually trim it every few months to keep it healthy and it helps, but I was wondering if any of you girls have any products or a hair routine you could recommend for me?

P. S. I have wavy brown "virgin" hair, never dyed or highlighted in my life etc. It gets pretty frizzy at times and that gets really annoying.

How do I keep my hair silky & soft?


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  • I'll recommend u to use TRESemm√© shampoo nd conditioner... i also have long hairs... i recently switched to dis... nd really happy with dis... hairfall is reduced... nd it also makes the hairs more silkier...

  • Find the right shampoo and conditioner that best suits your hair.
    You should also put moisturizers into it after showering (special hair ones)


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