Had a wee makeover can you rate it please?

Did a rate a while ago but aince have changed curious of new opinions xx
Right to all the poeple rhat said i had green hair i do not havr greenhair lol clearly abd aome people wanted me to take the picture from far away so heee is what u wanted xx


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  • You need to go for a lighter shade of brown with your eye brows. The black looks off unless your roots are black.

    • I have darker roots.. i do have some low lights in maybe il get some more next time tha kyou xx

    • Oh, than you're good lol everything works with your eye color as well.

    • Aww thanks.. yeahy eyebrows look really dark in this pic but i do use a brown pencil and powder for them must be the light xxx

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  • You look awful, get rid of that black stuff on your eyes and rinse off the fake colour off your face's skin.

  • You look very good. I'm not a big fan of the green hair, but different strokes for different folks.

    • I dont have green hair lol x

    • Haha... it must have been a setting on my phone that made your hair look green:)

  • can't see truly. how is this use make up and effects + scary stare tactic called?

    • Lol what

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    • I understand. you are not asking for a rate but you are asking if people like your new style. I think the black eyebrows stick too much out with the blonde hair, everything else is good

    • Lol yeah was just explaining to someone else must be the light because my eyebrows are actually brown and are pencil brown too there not actually that dsrk in real life lol thankyou tho x

  • I don't know what you look like before so I can't compare but now you are 8 or 9 outta 10.

  • A comfortable 11 :) but you get a bonus point for being British so a 12!!!

    • Im scottish !! Not britttish referendum was rigged thankyou xx

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    • Wow congrats that is an achievement to drop 3-4 sizes. Did you become more physically active or was it through dieting?

    • Dieting... Did the 5 and2 fadting diet xx

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