I cut my hair short, it was a mistake! How much time will it take to grow long?

It was pretty long, upto my bra strap. Everyone said that I had beautiful hair. But then I decided to cut it short for some weird reason. Now it's a little above my shoulders. I hate it. People look at me and say "why the hell did you do that?" They say I look like a kid. I am petite so it does make me look like a school girl.

I am so ashamed of my hair.. I usually just tie it up. How long will it take to grow long? Till my bra strap?


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  • It will take a long time. Since you can't stick your hair back together it's better to accept it and enjoy

    having short hair! Have you seen what haircuts you can have with shorter hair? They are more

    awesome than for long hair, get magazines or surf on the net, find a good hairdresser who

    can make them look nice. You could actually love it. I did the same awhile ago - cut more than 20cm of my hair just because - hell knows why, probably my mom got on my nerves by telling

    me that I don't do much with my hair. So from very long I went to very short - it was just covering my ears. I kind of disliked it and had to wait a week for my appointment at hairdressers and than

    she made them even shorter haha, I had more of Katie Holmes style, and in the end it made me

    not only look younger, everyone was saying that but it was so cute and different that even now

    I still keep my hair pretty short, they're also easier to care for.

    Try to take omega 3/omega 6 oils, they are vital nutrients for nail/hair/skin, I think it really

    helps to speed up hair growing.


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  • It takes awhile, I think the most your hair can grow is 1/2" per month. Aren't people cruel, though? I can't believe the things people will say. You need to come up with a snappy comeback for when people insult it. You don't have to be rude, but you do need to figure out a way to make them feel like fools. And as for your hair, my old stylist told me that pre-natal vitamins can help a little with hair growth. I also just read in Cosmo that if you massage your scalp for three minutes a day you can grow a whole 1/2" more per year. Not much, I know, but every little bit helps.

  • Everybody is different. Example, if I did that, it would take up to..6months? Whereas my sister, it would take 2-3months. Everybodys hair grows at different rates remember! :)

  • Well. I don't know how long it would go... but dude just make the hell of it. Maybe you can lik braid it. I think it grows faster. Or if ur a solon person g2 da salon nd ask them how fast can ur hair grow, and what can you do 2 mak it grow more.

  • If it's above your shoulders, I'd say it'll take about a year to get back down to bra strap length. That would depend a bit on your ethnicity, too -- I'm pretty sure African American hair grows a little slower than other hair types, for instance.

    Don't feel ashamed of your hair because of what other people say. (Those people sound pretty nasty, by the way.) Maybe short hair isn't your thing, but the way it's cut makes all the difference. While you're waiting for it to grow out, it could be a good idea to head to a salon and get a professional opinion on a style that might suit you a little better and makes you look sophisticated, not younger. You can also search Google for some great hairstyle ideas.

    A year ago, I went from having waist length hair to boy short hair, and aside from being much happier with the overall cut, it's worlds easier to maintain than long hair. There are a lot of really great advantages to having short hair, so try and focus on those while you wait for your hair to grow out. Don't waste your money on products that guarantee faster hair growth because they're simply a scam. However, products that strengthen/repair hair follicles will keep your hair healthy, and healthy hair grows faster.

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