Tattoos? How much do they hurt? Know any good tattoo parlors in NYC?

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo but I don't know any good shops. Anyone know a place in NYC? How much will it hurt. I'm thinking of getting it on my inner wrist.


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  • depends on were u get it done, the ribs hurt a lot , shoulder blade is a breeze, and the calf hurts quite a bit too but try not to think about the pain cuz if u really like what ur getting its all worth it and ull go back for more haha ,,,, go to wooster st social in soho


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  • Let me put it this way.
    Ever bit your tongue and gargled salty water to sterilize it?
    Listerine maybe?

    That's what it feels like , but on your skin.
    So if you can take listerine for 5-10 minutes , you can take tattoing.

    • Thanks. I think i have a pretty high pain tolerance but it I heard it hurts a lot

    • Hurts about the same as having salt be sprinkled on your wound before you get off the mountain.
      It'll be over quickly.

  • Tatts hurt. Different people have different pain tolerances for tattooing. You won't know yours until you get one. I recommend starting small. My first piece was 6 hours long lol..


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  • They hurt but depends on where you get it. I haven't gotten one on my wrist but I have one on my thigh up to my hip and the hip hurt like hell as well as my feet. Just check out all the shops around there google then google the artists work. That will get you an idea of what your going to get from that specific artist.


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