Can short hair and it being in your face help 'hide' the fact you have acne scars?

My acne scars are really noticeable because I have darker skin. I always wear my hair down and it's about shoulder length. Will it being down and in my face help sort of hide them?


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  • Is not good to hide acne because you don't let it breathe and it sweats, and it gets worse, but if what you have is just scars, then yeah, hair will help to hide them, but you shouldn't try to hide them, just live with it. You may not like them, but there's nothing you can do, you can't hide them all your life.

  • Acne is a bitch I got it on my chest

    • It is horrible. It makes me feel so bad sometimes

    • I know I hate taking my shirt off around people because of it.

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