Is it bad to be too cool for school?

So I go to a community college and I like to match things that I wear, like shoes and belt or jacket and backpack, i like ck graphic t shirts and dark levis jeans. I mostly shop at good brands like ck, Kenneth cole, lacoste... Etc. while most guys come to school warring a sweather, sports shorts, long socks and sandals and a backpack.
So I look really different, I look like I'm trying to hard to impress, that's not the truth I like shopping and matching stuff, I study fashion, it's kinda my thing I'm not trying to impress. Any ways is it weird that I do that? Should I wear casual stuff like these guys do? Ladies what do you think?


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  • How does that make you 'too cool for school'?
    Also, wear what you want to wear, save the compromises for when you get a job (if that job requires you to wear something like a suite or a uniform of some kind)...


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  • its not bad, but to be br00taly honest it hardly matters. when I go to campus I see everyone as just a student and I talk to everyone.

    • I know, so I do I. I talk to everyone no matter what they're wearing but I can't help it but feel I don't blong there!! Like people tret me different, girls love to talk to me, but most guys think I'm an arrogant rich jerk!!!
      I'm not really rich I work two jobs and I spend my pay checks on clothing cause I love it.

    • hahaa its all good man. you seem to be modest so that's all that matters, people are gonna judge if they want and you can't change that but those people don't matter.

    • Thanks, your right. I shouldn't care haters will hate.

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  • Don't compromise your passions to fit in! I stuck out like a sore thumb when I had campus classes, because I love wearing colorful clothes from India. Lots of people joked and made comments, but I do, t care. I wasn't trying to impress anyone, I just like those clothes! I think it's awesome that you like to be "put together" for school! I'd say keep on keepin on!

  • You're not being too cool for school. I don't think you know that means. It means being too cool to study, and instead skip school to do drugs and hang out with a bad crowd. You are talking about being overdressed. Community college and wearing matching expensive clothes is definitely overkill. People there are usually lazy or don't have money. If you have the money to spend on those nice clothes, why didn't you save it and go to a fashion school where you wouldn't stick out? Just wondering. You should wear what you want, but people who don't you know you well would probably judge you as a pretentious prick who shows off so it could be harder for you if you intend to make any friends in school.


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