Is it weird to wear the same shirt 3 days later to the same place?

I wanna wear a plaid long sleeve to school tomoro and I want to wear it on Friday too cause its flannel Friday. I have the exact same classes on those days too.
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  • no I've done similar stuff before and unless shirt is dirty or smells bad it shouldn't be an issue , but if it gets dirty tomorrow don't wear it again if it hasn't been cleaned by then


Most Helpful Girl

  • you might want to switch it up... people are judgemental.. might think you didn't wash it


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What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe not sure but It could be, if a woman works there and sees it for sure because they really pick up on that kind of stuff


What Girls Said 1

  • Its cool to wear the same thing , but if it were me id dress it up a little. Maybe if its not to hot throw a blazer over it , or maybe just wear a statement piece, hell a pair of your fav. Studded earrings would be hella rad.


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