Why do girls care so much about what other girls wear?

Magazines and the Internet are full of articles about what to wear. What not to wear and how to style just about everything. If that's not enough advise for you all you have to do is ask a friend what they think about what you are wearing. Sometimes you don't even have to ask. If I hear one more rant about how leggings are not pants I think I will explode. I love leggings I wear them all the time. That is when I'm not wearing yoga pants. I don't think any one can argue that yoga pants aren't pants. They have pants right there in the title.

I personally don't see what the big deal is. My friends are quick to notice when my shirts don't cover my bum. It's so helpful to get their feed back but I don't care. I guess I'm lazy. It's just so easy to throw on a pair of leggings and go. It's like wearing sweats but more figure flattering.

I will admit that I have worn some questionable things before and I don't mind being corrected when I go to far. Like when I wore footless tights as pants. I would like to say that I didn't know they were tights. I would like to say that but I can't.

The thing that bothers me most are some of the looks I get from other girls when I am out. It's not my fault if their guys are looking at me. I work hard to keep my body looking good and if I want to show it off I'm darn sure going to. If that upsets some people that's just tough.

There is no telling how many of the worlds problems we could solve if we weren't spending so much time being concerned about what other girls are wearing.


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  • Because many want to compete with each other and look good to other women.


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