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If a guy holds eye contact until I break it, stares from across the room and checks me out when I have my back on him, but at the same time doesn't really speak or compliments, doesn't call or text. Does this mean he is shy or not interested.


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  • he keeps looking till you break the eye contact , he's not shy at all . I do that to push a girl to like me ! the point is that he likes you , and he wants you to know ! he'll talk to you when he'll be sure that you like him back ! I knoow this !

    • Maybe, but the thing is when I ask him something he can't really look me in eye, just answers one or two words. But whenever we meet in hallways without speaking, he tries lock his eyes until I break it. Don't know but I think he just likes gazing into my eyes and on some body parts that's it, as he never shows any interest in me as a person.

    • So if a guy is doing this to you what kind of feed back are looking for before you will make a move, like is there a certain kind of look that we can give that says I don't know come get me lol

    • Asker : just make the first move , he invites you in !

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  • I agree with zep-it because I do the same thing

    I am a bit shy myself I will never go up to a chick out of no were

    and start a conversation,his keeping eye contact till you break it that's a shy guys way of saying ''I like u''

    if you like him you should do him and yourself a favour and just talk to him

    cause you'll be waiting for a long time if you wait for him :)

  • haha this is exactly how guys feel on the otherside lol

    just start a conversation with him; confidence is key (its really attractive)

    p.s. be confident not egotistical


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  • It sounds like you are both shy. Because you haven't asked him why he does this. You should ask him and see what he says.

  • I think the guy I sshy. If a guy alwys look at a girl, even when he knows she isn't looking at him, that menas he likes her her, but thinks that she doen't like him, so he is scared and shy 2 talk 2 a girl. I think it's so sweet how a guy looks at a girl, when she isn't looking at him.

    • But not breaking the eye contact if she looks at you means he has some confidence ;)

      I'm calling myself shy and if I catch someone looking at me I'm blushed and I don't even return the looks for being such a clumsy idiot, that I am, hehe. I'd agree with what zep-it said. He's interested and wants you to know. Just wants you to make a direct indicator, too

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