American Girls and Guys?

So I just read a post that really struck something in me. Now somebody put up a post that had an answerer talking about American girls even calling them "the biggest bit**es in the world" and that was said by a girl. Also saying that if you want a good girl then search in other countries. Funny thing is I'm putting this up not even just for guys but for girls to. I know two women who had so many problems finding good men here in America that they went to another country to find their husbands and both marriages have been going strong for 7 years.

Whats up with that and why are both American girls and guys just so damn hard to please and keep cool? Also I think America has like the highest divorce rate. Is it really that or are foreigners just willing to take more. Really I am just curious about other peoples thoughts about it as a whole and if you actually had or are having this problem

  • People are just bugging out and making excuses as to why they can't get in a relationship
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  • Americans actually have problems getting together staying with each other, there actually is a problem
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  • i don't think there's anything wrong with american guys or girls. it's usually the case where one gets a bit bored of the dating scene in their own country that they wish to venture in unexplored territories, that is in foreign places, to try their luck with love. also, cross-cultural marriages tend to have a lower divorce rate.


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  • I think that's a load of crap. America might have the highest divorce rate but that could be due to a number of diff things, one of those being that in a lot of other countries divorce is pretty much frowned upon. Do you really think those women in the middle east WANT to be married to a man that beats them? Because in some of those religions they teach that a man SHOULD beat his wife.

    I think people probably have an easier time finding someone to marry when it's out of the country (military men often marrying Asians/Filipinos for instance) but I don't know why. I just think people in America are sometimes to lazy and when they can't get a relationship right when they want it or don't wanna work at it they go else where to find marriage.

    And maybe people from other countries are a lot more willing to "please" them because they want to move to the US

    Girls here might be bitches, I won't deny that. But that's everywhere, not just here. And there are plenty of couples here that are happy. My grandparents, for example, have been married over 50 years. So it's possible. It's not easy, but it's possible.

  • Not all American people are hard to please, you just have to search a little harder. Everywhere you look there will be people that can be jerks or bit**es. I think that American people seem harder to please because we are always rushing around or stressed and don't relax. For example I was in Greece and everyone was completely laid back and weren't tense at all. I think it's a difference of life styles and what you grow up around.

    • Yea that is crazy, a guy who owns the pizza shop down the street from me is greek and he is always super chill and cool with everyone. He's never had a problems because everyone loves him lol

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    • Damn right. :D

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  • Most Americans don't know how to keep a relationship going past the infatuation stage since all they see from the media is that a relationship should be a fairytale forever. Also the way American society is, it makes most girls AND guys not desirable to have a relationship with simply by the learned personality.

    I gave up on dating American girls a long time ago, if you want to know why, just watch some reality shows on MTV or VH1, since that about sums it up.;

    • I already understand, I fu**ing hate laguna beach and the O.C lmao

  • It's really funny at how this user commented on how American girls are the biggest bit**es in the world. Seems like self-righteous comment to me, because there are going to be bit**es and a**holes, no matter where you are in the world, just as you'll find people that arent, but it isn't just confined to this country.

  • i thnk is because we always thnk that the realtonship is always going to be like it first started...

    -saying they love each other (even though sometimes they don't mean it)

    -kissing each other

    -wanting to see each other 24/7