I need help picking a hair color and cut ?* pic included*

I'm going to empire beauty school to have a student color and cut my hair and I'm not sure what I want so I'm going to get some suggestions from y'all. I can't go blonde cause my hair is red... I have it colored already so no its not natural... I was thinking a sharper red and shoulder length hair...


And no I will not go black because it washes me out
I think this is what I'm going to go for ... but the color is going to be dark brown with red highlights. link
Ok people I'm going with a really short and different hair cut.. I'm bored with my hair... so its time for a new look... I'm going with rihanna's short hair ...the color is going to be red with dark brown or black lowlights ... here is the pic. <b
I got my hair cut and got some new makeup in the process... so what do you think.


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  • Since blonde is out, I suggest the lightest shade of red that is doable, and shorten it to a just touching the shoulders style. Something heavily- layered toward the ends.

    • Um I don't think blond is out who said that?

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    • Nah, don't go dark brown. A light color will look better on you, especially if you're foing to work styling hair. It'll give ya a friendlier, brighter, more approachable look.

    • I think it's a mistake, but let me know how it turns out.

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  • I think dark brunette and then the split ends need to be cut and it needs should be styled differently then you should be good to go.

    • Well do you have any suggestions on how I can style it cause I have to blow dry it then straighten it and this is about 3 days after washing it with nothing done to it... usually its a lot worse... I wish that I could curl it something with out being so damn frizzy.....I have tried everything to get the frizz out... and I'm not sure how to style except straighten it.

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    • I'm gonna go with your answer and get 5 inches off even though I love my long hair.... well there is a lot of different kind of bangs out there .... how should I get my bangs if I do get them

    • Yep that will look really good get like short side bangs nothing in front those don't look good that way when you put your hair up and stuff the strains will come out of the ponytail it really looks good!!

  • black and and cut it up to the middle of your neck. or maybe just layers

    • I guess you didn't read what I said NOOOOOOOOOO BLACK! I would never cut my hair that short ..

  • Dark auburn for sure, and cut/layer it a bit.

  • No! keep it long! Just add some bouncy layers..

    and IMO I think you should be a brunette. dark brown. red washes you out as well.

    you're pretty, but I think you would really stand out with brown hair. the red is not a pretty color red.

    • I was thinking off just taking like 2 inches off in the back cause it looks like a mullet at the bottom ... I def am going for layers but I wanna keep all my hair around the same length well at the bottom anyways so it don't look stupid. yea I was thinking about that ... thanks for the comment

    • Yah 2 inches off would look good! let us know what you do