Do you or did you wear g strings or thongs to school with skirts?

Do you or did you wear g strings to school with skirts? I used to and thought it was fairly normal, but maybe it is a little risky. Did you ever flash your butt?
  • Have worn a g string/ thong to school in a skirt
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  • Have worn a g string/ thong with a skirt but not to school
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  • Considered wearing a g string/ thong with a skirt but haven't yet
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I graduated high school in 2000 and wore thongs or string panties all the time, including under skirts. For what it's worth, since then I've worn them countless times with skirts at work and play as well.
    There may have been a few accidental exposures, nothing that immediately comes to mind though.


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  • I'm assuming High School?
    It would have landed me or any other girl in pretty hot water because of the dress code. I do wear g-strings or thongs with skirts when I go clubbing with my boyfriend though :)

  • thongs are just normal undies to me. i wore them to school all the time, no matter what i wore over them. i am not aware of a time people saw, but who knows. lol

  • no, I have not, I like comfy boxers :D

  • some did at my school and some went commando most/all the time. I to was commando not worn underwear since about ten years old


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