Where can I learn about fashion?

Hello everyone.
So I'm 18 and throughout my high school carreer the way I would dress up was basically putting on some jeans and then whatever shirt or polo I happened to stumble upon, since the only thing I have ever been taught about fashion was that pretty much everything goes along nicely with jeans.
So I had A LOT of jeans.

Besides that I would wear a 3 piece suit in a ceremony day, and every once in a while I would pick up some clothes at random and then went about my day, trusting my mother or some friend to tell me in case I looked like a clown.

But I'm in college now so there are no friends or parents to tell me that I'm dressing weirdly. And because I'm starting to save a little money, I'm considering investing in some new clothes.
But how can I learn abput some fashion rules, including basic ones? Like what does a blue polo go amazingly with, or what should I buy next if I buy that jacket, what kind of clothing to look for, etc.

Thanks :)


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  • Find some girl that are friends and ask them if they'll go shopping with you and they'll tell you what they think looks good. This is my plan. I have 2 girls who said they would but they're flakes so we'll see.

    • Nice idea. A few good friends of mine have just moved into town and I went having lunch at their house today and planned that next time we'd have lunch at mine, so yea that would be a pretty good topic to bring to the table next time I see them thanks ^^

    • No problem. Just don't trust them implicitly. Make sure you like what you're wearing too.

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  • Is all about personal style... If you really have no idea what to wear a simple T-shirt with no prints on it those jeans (you seemed to have 2983728364 pairs...) and nice snickers or just try converse. Chat me out I am a stylist may be I can help you out more... :P

    • I had (and still do have) about 5 pairs all with slight differences (like a warmer or softer blue, blue all around or whitish) so I use a different one basically every day of the week then on the weekend I wear trousers while the jeans are getting cleaned, then I restart the cycle :p

      I don't know I'm usually a fan of a casual yet kinda traditional clothing, but not too formal. Brown leather jackets and navy blue blazers are the kind of stuff that catches my eye. The thing is I don't know what to wear with them :/

      Right now I'm considering buying a brown leather jacket that I think looks cool and then when I have more money worry about what to combine it with. But still I don't know how to "make sets". Like what kind of trousers and shirts go along nicely with a brown leather jacket? These are the kind of questions I never know how to answer

  • Lol i literally just created a Denim Jean post today but it didn't have fashion tips or anything :(


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