Girls, opinions on Halloween costume?

So im going to an awesome Halloween party this year! Im an 18 year old guy, but i admit i enjoy dressing up like a girl sometimes, so i decided im gonna have some fun this year and dress up like Avril Lavigne from her Hello Kitty MV. If u haven't seen the music video, the costume is in my profile pic, Avril is the girl in the black dress. And its for fun, but not to make fun of Avril. Im going to make it realistic as possible, shave legs, makeup, wig etc. So my main concern, is it too over the top? I know its somewhat over the top, but personally im okay with dressing this way. Is it okay?


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  • Its Halloween man dress up the way u like, u can even make yr costume a bit scary by doing some awful makeup and by not shaving yr legs. or as u said u could make really realistic by doing everything u mentioned, i think it isn't too over the top.

    • Yea! Thanks :). Yeah im really looking forward to this, its gonna be so fun. I will probably still go for realistic, but those ideas u mentioned are awesome too :)

    • yr welcome

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  • I think that's perfect.

  • it's ok for Halloween

  • sounds great... wax your legs, not shave.

    • Okay :). Thanks!

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    • Shaving leaves the legs rough and hair is prickly when growing back

    • Ohh, okay, i will definitely wax them then :). I want them to be as smooth as possible. Thanks :)

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