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I just sold two ralph lauren top on ebay to a woman and now she messaged me compaining that she not happy and is now asking for a refund she saying one of them have marks i didn't notice so fair enough and saying the other top looked like a girls top which was navy blue with a pink little ralph lauren logo and i said the when i listed the top and when i listed the tops i put no returns when ebay asks to fill it in should i give a refund or should i tell her to piss off dont even know why she moaning i paid £35 for each top she been on my back from this morning moaning how she should have the tops by now blah bah turns out her postman delivered later then normal what should i do?


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  • Selling on ebay is a pain. Some times you meet people who complain to first run you out of business, second trying to get something for nothing, Third, they think you are some big department store who can afford a loss because being on ebay is expensive.

    Close all bank accounts that you have with paypal because ebay owns paypal and the two of them are just into collecting fees and do not care if you sell the product or not. Ebay and paypal are a machine so if you close out your bank accounts, all bank accounts listed with paypal this way they can not back charge your account. You will have to pay ebay, mail them a money order.

    People are nasty. Good luck.

    • I've noticed its a pain never sold any thing on ebay b4 true about something for nothing she was quick enough to ask for a refund but she didn't say anything about senting the tops back so i have responded to her message yet

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  • Remind her that you explicitly stated in your listing that there are no returns or refunds. Assuming you provided clear pictures of your items, she doesn't have much room to complain. You always have to be careful before making a purchase online.

    • I did put a clear picture up and it was stated because ebay asks you before you list your item and i did say they was used when listing it this is all over two kids ralph lauren even if there was marks on the top which i didn't notice so it couldnt of been that otherwise i would of notice it what 18month boy keeps their clothes perfect and then had the cheek to say the other looked like a girls top because it had a tiny pink logo

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  • Things like this... this is why I hate humans.

    I went through this before. Ebay's rules always side with the buyer and not the seller. It's why I do all my stuff on Amazon now. Here are your options:

    1. Tell her that you posted no returns, simple as that. Take a screen shot and send it to her. A screen shot will also help if she opens a case against you.

    2. Tell her to mail the two items back to you and once you receive them, you will refund her money. Don't offer to pay return shipping because you already paid shipping once to send them to her.

    Other than that, good luck and I hope it works out in your favor.

  • Well, as long as them rules are on your Ebay selling account it can stand as is
    and the woman can't do a dam thing about it

    • Yeah it says no returns she just seems like one of them women where she would open a case with ebay and won't let go till she gets what she wants just readed the messages and knew what type of person i had in my hands then possibly my account would frozen because ebay will side with her as she buyer and im the seller ebay will just said the customer is right which is her

    • You would be best to contact Ebay and tell them your selling practices
      it says no refund that's got to stand

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