Am I really a tomboy?

I dress mainly in t shirts and jeans with converses or boots. I wear little or no make up (usually just mascara and lip gloss) I never wear jewelry, not even earrings and I always have my hair tied back in a low ponytail. I do have moments when I'll occasionally were a nice girly top with my jeans and if I'm going all out some shoes ( flats never heels! )

The reason I ask this question is that I know I'm not a girly girl but would I really be considered a tomboy? Also I get more attention from bisexual guys/girls than straight guys so its kinda making me think do I LOOK like a real boy?

Its about attitude? hmm maybe I should stop saying 'f***, shit, bullocks I've missed the football' and start saying 'don't touch my face you'll ruin my make up'! lol just kidding I get what you guys are saying. thanks


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  • As deadweight mentioned, tomboy is more of an attitude, accompanied with maybe the dressing style. Maybe you need to increase your wardrobe of outfits. I know that a lot of times my attention is caught when girls dress differently; for example, back in my univ days every girl wore tshirt and blue jeans. Damn boring; then suddenly I caught a girl wearing a skirt and some nice blouse. Suddenly she had my attention just because she looked different and that also led me to believe that maybe she was different than the rest of the uncreative girls that wore tshirt and jeans every day.

    Also, you can look really nice without makeup and all that jewelry stuff, but again, it comes down to how you carry yourself.


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  • you look like your cruising for chicks like a stereotypical guy does "supposedly"

    A tomboy is not about dress as much as its about attitude.

    Try adding something to the mix them helps us know without knowing you that you like men - some kinda jewelery, maybe around your wrists - lipstick - maybe something girly in your hair like a barrette - paint your nails, don't worry if they get chipped or not.

    • If you only do one thing, start painting your nails - try to get them chipped up too, that would be kinda hawt

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  • Hmmm. In college, it was t-shirt and jeans for me almost every day. Still, all it took to get attention from guys was a pretty ribbon in my ponytail or pink laces in my sneakers. And the tomboy thing never came up. Let's face it -- attracting straight guys is SOOO easy, if that's what a girl wants to do. So then the real question becomes -- do you WANT to attract straight guys? If so, you know what to do.

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