How do I look handsome?

I want girls to make the first move on me. Never once have I experience a person from the opposite gender approaching me.
Can't afford plastic surgery.


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  • Singapore ah? Very difficult lah; even if you hot also sure will still face this problem wan (probably). Becos it's not really about looks; is about our society. Very traditional, guys must be macho women must be girly and submissive, so everyone including the girls believe guy should do the chasing lo.

    Best bet? Move to Western country or find very modern woman. Or maybe femdom. Otherwise might be susah lo bro. But good luck!

    • You seem to have a very good understanding of my country's society eh. Honestly, it is close to impossible to ever get a girl to notice a guy who is just mediocre in every aspect here.

      But my friend being so lucky had a girl confessed to him, why don't I have? Dafaq, is this karma or what?

    • Ahaha, 'cos Malaysia, where I come from, also same what.

      Wei, not impossible lah. Remember, mediocrity is subjective! Sure, you might be shy, soft-spoken or plain-looking, but how you know some girl don't have crush on you?

      Is not karma lah, is luck!!! You also can der, but if you ask me, most important thing is finding the right one rite? How you find her should not be as important. If she confess to you, good! Perfect! If you see good one and have to make the move yourself, in the end it's still getting her that's important right?

      So if you see your chance, don't wait!

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  • Believe yourself, a true girl will stick with your personalities not your appearance

    • I hear you bro, but to some extent, there needs to be physical attraction too right?

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    • I love skinny guys! I will say that my current bf is very buff and has a 8-pack but that's actually not my type. I usually go for skinny guys. @Asker

    • But too bad you have a bf. Or else, we'll be dating. Haha.

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  • It's cause your a guy. Stop being a weenie and go get a girl.

  • the overwhelming vast majority of girls are old fashioned unfortuneately, i'm not, i'm a rare type


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  • You look fine, Most girls don't go after guys. Unless you are a handsome celebrity with a big penis

    • Precisely, because the celebrity looks handsome and suave. As for the "big penis" aspect, I am not too sure about that man. Haha.

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