She drives you crazy

Men, what are the top 10 things that drive you wild about women. This is a generalization of women, so don't use your gf, what she does with you is different that what she will do with others. So just tell me in general, what do you craved about a women ;)


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  • 10.Clothing that is revealing but leaves a bit to the imagination.

    9.Tight clothes. (duh)

    8.A sense of playfulness/humor. (pokes at you, jokes around)

    7.Attractive/cute/sexy without makeup/not high maintainance

    6.Shy personality type/Can show vulnerability or sensitivity.

    5.Petite frame.

    4.The yawn stretch that you don't think we're looking at, but we totally are.

    3.soft skin.

    2.Long black hair.


    1.[reserved for when I figure it out]


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