What is an attractive outfit for me?

i am syrian, i have black short curly hair, like very curly. i am 157 cm (5.1 foot) and curvy but i have a muffin top and i am not very very skinny i have a small amount of fats around my waist and my body is average. what if the best outfit for me? should i wear shorts? skirts? sweaters and shorts?
aaaaaaaaye help a lost girl who has no idea about style and trying to be more social for the first time ever


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  • the easiest way to know is by looking at pictures of a celebrity that has things in common with you (those celebrities you get to see bring specialists to work on their looks)
    Keep copying until you start figuring out what looks best on you, don't bite anything you see though sometimes celebrities lose their mind..
    So now you build a good knowledge about fashion and in the long run you find yourself and have your unique style.


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  • 157 cm is 5'2 and I'm the same height as you. Highwaisted stuff looks good on you. Boots looks Good and tanktops probalaby

  • You're Syrian... Syrian girls are pretty, you can wear anything and look good haha.
    Really, the best thing to wear is something you're comfortable in. If you're not comfortable it will show and will make your look less nice.
    If you're a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, wear jeans and t shirts. You can make it girly, or sporty, or casual, whatever you want.
    Jeans, flat shoes and a girly t-shirt usually looks casual but like you've still made a little effort.
    To be honest, I think those kinda things are best for you to stick to for now anyway. No point throwing yourself in the deep end wearing skirts and heels- you'll only look awkward and feel uncomfortable.

    Just look online. See what kinda things you like. Rock chick, punky, princess, emo, there's so many. Find something you think looks nice that you will be comfortable in. Nobody here knows you and knows what's good on you.

    • i am the kind of girl that never cared about her looks, but now for some reason i started to care a bit. i moved to a new country and i am sick of being lonely all the time since i was 10 so i decided to be more social and ignore my anxiety, and i feel like wearing good clothes like skirts but i still wear converse with them or skate vans. i have a crush on this guy and it is my first crush since i was also 10. i am very new to social situations, so i don't know if he's trying to give me mixed signals or if he's just being himself or anything. i asked another question but got no answers.

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    • Do you have skinny jeans? Or even jeggings. So comfortable, but can be dressed up or down.
      Skinny jeans are a nice transition into girly clothes because they're comfortable and casual but still girly. I don't know how strict your parents are when it comes to tight fitting clothes though, they might not like it if they are particularly religious.
      To make a change from your usual vans, maybe some flat shoes? They're not super girly but they're still feminine.
      A nice top with a cute design, or an oversized shirt could be nice with skinny jeans.
      Maybe for your hair, a cute up-do, but leave a few cute ringlets falling down, like those messy on purpose styles. Check out YouTube for ones that could suit your face.

      I know you said you usually wear converse and vans, but I'm not sure what kind of clothes you already own. So it's kinda hard, so I've just given a basic generic outfit idea, sorry :/

    • www.thehifashionsite.com/.../casual-friday.html

      This girl just shows one way your usual vans can be worn with skirts instead. There are so many different ways to dress up what you already probably own.

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