Girls - Is wearing spandex the best way to make sure pervs don't look up my skirts or dresses?

I don't want pervs looking at my underwear so I am thinking of wearing like some black spandex or maybe like some tiny shorts underneath so they can't see anything.


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  • This probably isn't the answer you want to hear, but if you've got what guys like, don't worry about it. Sooo many girls only wish that guys found them attractive and wanted to look at them. Guys aren't automatically pervs because you're an attractive female and they want to look... it's how the man/woman dynamic works. There's certain things I'm sure you like to look at with a man's physique, and you won't want all men to hide that. Of course, there are limits, I understand that... but a man can walk into any store and see women's underwear. He's not just looking at underwear, he's looking at you because you look good and it affects the sexual part of a guys brain. Sure, you can hide it if you'd like, but before you know it, you'll be older and men won't notice you like that anymore. It's really not that bad to be desired. It's a compliment. Good luck!


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  • I usually do. I find that it's more appropriate to wear spandex/shorts under skirts and dresses because not only does it protect you from pervs sneaking a peak but there are some cases where things happen whether you have to bend over or the wind blows and you wouldn't want to be exposed.

    • The main thing for me is I don't want those pervs that sneak a peek seeing anything.

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  • Wearing spandex under your dress is publishing to the world that you are insecure. Yes it will avoid pervs from looking at your underwear. It will also give the good guys a feeling that you are overrated!!

  • They'll still do it if you're wearing a dress or skirt. I don't see why they don't look at p*rn instead, it's widely available and it's legal.


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