Is this a good selfie?

Hey everyone just curious is this a good selfie?


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  • Well if you mean good as in fits the bill of a typical selfie, then yes.

    1: Taken a mirror - Check
    2: Sink or other bathroom like object in the bathroom - Check
    3. Exaggerated expression - Check

    Only thing missing is that you kept your shirt on. haha

    • Hey, I saw that about the shirt! ;).
      Haha yeah, I'm not into the selfie trend either. Only thing are body shots. It's weird to ask people, hey take a picture of my abs after the workout, no homo (gotta ask guys, cuz ladies would just faint.).

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  • Sorry man, don't think so. The smile is so fake, Pamela Andersons boobs would even cry. And I dislike toilet pictures too. Try taking a selfie outside and from a higher perspective. Looks more casual.

    • Or even better get someone else to hold camera! :) I can't stand all the "selfies" of up close faces where you can see their arms half way in the frame.

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