Would this be a weird or cool tattoo idea?

I'm thinking on my back, by my neck...


Ever feel like on your back somewhere..
There are vcr controls...
fast forward..

ever feel like people sneak up on you..
and hit your buttons..
just to fuck with you...

fast forward
fast forward


I feel like I'm stuck on pause..
but also..
if I ever get my show moving again..
its gonna be fast forward...
hit 4 fucking times..

everything flying by..
out of control..
inhibitions lost..
common sense gone..
care for life or others lost in the blur...

just a headlong dash to the end..
racing for the stillness...



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  • Tattoo means being poor all your life. Why would you place something on you that will turn off 50% of all people and the only people who will deal with you are low class.

    A man can never take you to a Ball or Black Tie event because you have trash stamped on your back. People will think he brought a hooker to the function with him.

    Lets say you are at South Beach one of the USA's hottest international beaches on the planet and you meet a wealthy German or Itilan, he screws you and that will be it. He can never take you to Europe or to any nice place. You made a choice to say "cheap". Just look around South Beach only back woods people sport ink.

    Think about it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I love it girl! It's great that the tattoo would have a deeper meaning. Just be absolutely sure that you want it before you go out and get it. Do what makes you happy it doesn't matter what other people think. :)

    • People will see the tattoo, not grasp the meaning it has.

    • There are some people like me who ask the story behind a tattoo. But you're right you wouldn't grasp the meaning if you don't ask.

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  • I like the depthful thought behind it. But if I were to see it in real life the first thing that would come to mind is Music, so if you don't want to get the idea you're trying to project, to be confused, I suggest something else. But that's just my personal opinion which will of course vary from person to person.

    This also reminded me of my favorite song, so +1 I like the idea.

    • Which song?

      and.. to an extant, even with music controls, it still works.

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    • Melodic Death Metal, to be more precise. Screamo is your typical skinny jean wearing, twig figured, high pitched screams. Think Alesana. Also, they love to throw in their whiny pre- teen "singing" vocals. Which make me want to cut myself. =/.. done ranting.

    • If you really want to be a walking billboard, Coca Cola or Pepsi might pay you for it. :-P
      Otherwise do it with henna.

  • It would be funny right now but today's jokes will be old and stale , 5 years later and tattoos are for life.
    Your boyfriend will be bored by your tattoo quicker than by your naked back.
    How will your children and grandchildren think about mom, their granny? Will they even know what a VCR ever was?

    Think about getting the same in Henna, using some self made template?

  • That kind of sparks my phobia a little. I wouldn't like it. Nice concept though.

    I think your body should stay without tatts, but you know it's your body.

    • What is your phobia?

    • I don't like saying. Nobody knows about it. I guess it's not that bad, but for some reason I just never feel comfortable with saying what it is.

  • No. No. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • Wow I think that's so cool and different :-D but oh well I do tend to like anything (almost anything) that's different.

    But one thing is that tattoos are for life unless you have the kind of money to spend on taking them off when you want to :-)

    One reason why I've been toying with the idea of a tattoo for a few years now but never really got one lol

  • It's definitely artistic and thought provoking.

  • do it. It will be a good talking point


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