Who goes threw more cloths? male or female?

how often you change after work or throughout the day? how many clothes you buy?

I have a hard time finding them because I am 7 feet tall.


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  • I hate it when girls say men don't put in effort or don't care about their clothes some guys are obsessed with clothes more than us... Now maybe not me but some girls.

    Over all I would say girls still beat guys when it comes to clothes because we wear more clothes all you have are tips and bottoms and shoes. While we have that plus dresses, skirts, boots, heels, accessories, hats, etc.

    I change a lot it takes me about an hour to decide what I'm going to wear and later in the afternoon I might end up changing into something else.

    • my pants are 1/2 the size of my closet.

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  • I'm in college so you can imagine how little my wardrobe is xD
    I just change twice in a normal day: from my clothes I use to go to class, to the one's I use at home. If I go out at night I obviously use other clothes.

    I don't have many different clothes, I have 3 pants, and less than 10 t-shirts. I wash them every week so they're clean, but I do get bored of using the same clothes, so I was thinking on buying new t-shirts/shirts, the problem is that men clothing is too expensive.


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  • Only home clothes and work clothes. If I'm going out I'll change...
    If I'm working out - another outfit.

    Mostly 4 outfits a day...

    • 2 outfits per day is enough 4 me. I am so tall that there is not enough pants my size to fit 4 pairs per day.

  • I don't by a lot of clothes (because I'm really picky), nor do I change clothes throughout the day multiple times... If anything, I change into basketball shorts to troll around the house if I know I won't be out.

    I feel like it's both. I've met some women who literally change 5 times a day for no special occasion, and I know some guys who wear 20 shirts in one day "just because".

  • I have so much clothes it's ridiculous I have a good 30-40 pairs of jeans and not enough room for all my clothes. I change probably three times a day I'm really indecisive lol

    • holy shit, there are not even 30 to 40 pairs of jeans in my size on this planet. I only change after I shower or get all wet and muddy.

    • Yah my closet is stacked they are even organized by brand and style. I might have a problem haha

  • My brother goes through enough clothes to start up a whole Goodwill store.

    • my sister does the same. she is a pig pen

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