What are fall/winter wardrobe essentials for women?

I am a teacher, mid-40's and I live in New England. I need to revamp my wardrobe for the fall and winter. I am looking for warm and stylish items for work, date and casual occasions. I already have jeans, clunky boots, and a winter coat. I am tired of my stuff from last year. It is ages old.

I need specifics on styles, instead of "black sweater". Also, I have a limited budget so I can't shop at expensive stores or sites, any suggestions on stores would be great.

My style is kind of edgy and artsy. I like to stay on trend as appropriate for my age. Definitely not into conservative and classic.



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  • Scarves along with cool winter coats. Trendy boots and asymmetrical style sweaters.
    Check out ebay


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