Haircuts are more than they appear?

Might apply to guys and girls..

I was sitting there.. and you know how when your about get a haircut, the stylist sprays water on your hair and combs it so they can get started?

Well I have a previous hairstyle which is just kind of a fo-hawk but not really.. it looked fine but I wanted a short eminem-style haircut but my hair is not blond.. its black.

so the guy wet my hair.. combed it and at this point it just looks so ugly and wet and just unbearable to look at and I'm staring at myself in the mirror waiting for him to make the first and this really hot asian girl walked past me and sat down to my left and a little behind me.. so she could see me without me noticing but if I look in the mirror towards her direction, she'll know I'm looking at her..

So I'm just like.. wow what horrible timing dude hurry up and just get the trimmer and cut all this sh*t off .. so damn embarrassing... then I realized.. when your in a situation in which a total stranger has complete control of you, is not the best time to try to pick up a girl.. so.. yuh I failed miserably.

Any of you have interesting haircut experiences? success stories? embarrassments? total failures? medical emergencies? (its possible).


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  • Okay my problem with hair cuts is freakin stylists get psyched with those scissors and start cutting and cutting and BAM way shorter than I have expected

    i have always had longer than shoulder length dark black hair when I was in 5th grade I had a hair cut that was very 90s and had it really short like right on my ears kinda short, hated myself but it grew.

    and then recently every time my hair is around waist length I go get a "trim" end up cutting like 3-4 inched of my hair!

    the last last cut was the only good hair cut I liked everything was good gave my hair volume nice bangs bla bla and then went again like 2 months ago and this little lady got too excited and one side of my bangs look really pretty and goes from shorter to longer and the other side is 2 inches shorter and just straight WTF! and to top it of it messed up the layers and my hair now looks flat most of the time =/

    now I'm waiting for my straight side to grow out to a good 2 inches and then I'm going to a real professional hair salon where if I don't like my cut I'm not paying a penny lol

  • I love this question.

    I know I'm about to sounds like a wus but almost after every haircut I went home and cried. haha, what can I say I'mpicky about my hair. I went for a haircut 2 weeks ago and its a little short, I liked it at first and then I came to realize-wtf did I do to myself, so now I'm in the process whereeee I caaaant wait for it to grow. And I waited for this for a bit, because I felt like having a change and couldn't wait to get my haircut a few months ago and my friend said she'll do it, and I ...agreed, worst haircut of my life, and the week before I was hanging out with this guy. So I had to wait for it to grow to get it fixed so it wouldn't be ANY shorter than it already was.

    Bad haircut expriences

    • Aww better luck next time =]. I grew mine out last year.. took me 9 months get a awesome FRO =D.. but I had to cut it because I got sick and the hair kept getting in my face when I as sleeping.. and now its summer so didn't feel like having even medium hair.

    • Im the exact same when it comes to going back home and crying after each hair cut lol

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