In Uni, people commented that my dress sense was 'very french.' One guy was a jerk at times, referring to me as 'the model' or?

' she thinks she's such a model' when I'd be minding my own business. I lost a fair bit of weight one Summer and that kid started to be nicer. Once I regained some of the weight (with college work/sitting more), he was back to his negative comments. I still heard people ask if I was a model.. eventhough I am 5 ft4.5, more metamorphic in form than endomorphic and have 20-25 pounds I'm shaving. People have remained asking if I was a model. I still have my dress sense & am dark skinned therefore I wonder if THAT's the reason why people query a 'model' stat? I've been told I always have a presence when entering a room - is that another reason?


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  • You must be attractive, even with the supposed extra pounds, and you must always look made up and well put together. Those would be reasons people would think you're a model.

    • It's funny because I still feel I could do better and look more groomed. I don't wear much makeup but I naturally have good style - I've been told! I love color and classic tailoring. I did do some modelling in the past (ironically) but got called out for having a 'nice street walk!' Don't think I'll be modelling soon...

    • Thanks for MH!

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