How can I attract guys?

well look--I'm a senior in high school now and I feel like no ones attracted to me. I don't know what's wrong. I feel so left out because my friends, who are way uglier and way more gullible than I am--have bfs. I need help. what's wrong with me?


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  • "what's wrong with me?"

    Answering these questions may help you answer this question. Only you can answer these questions, especially the last one.

    What is your attitude to guys and dating?

    What are your beliefs regarding guys?

    What kind of guy do you want?

    The answers in these links may also give you some inspirations.

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  • Well if you're an attractive woman, every guy is attracted to you because that's the first thing we see is your appearence. now what seems to be your case you might be suffering from the beyonce aaliyah sendrome. basically guys look at notice how good you look (like beyonce)but for whatever reason you don't make yourself seem approachable (like aaliyah) by smiling and speaking to guys that are lesser than you would actually date. because if guys see you talking to a nerd like dude we're going to automatically be like if she's talking to him then I know I can get at her. wanna know if I'm lying? ask any dude born in the 80's who would they more likely want to have on their arm a beyonce type chick or aaliyah type chick, garuntee most will choose aaliyah.

    ps if you're a black woman this sendrome is most prevelant with lighskinned sistahs


  • Make it known that you enjoy facials.


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  • Theres nothin wrong with you! don't put yourself down because you don't have a boyfriend... there's so many reasons y guys may not be attracted to you... if you really want to do something about it

    make yourself seem more approachable... smile and make eye contact with a guy your attracted to if he smiles back try walking over to him and starting a convo.

    another thing you could do is wear the color red...(weird I know) but its scientificully proven that the color red attract males

    Also confidence is sexy! always act like your confident even if your not play it off

    and also try to work on good flirting skills... like"accidentally" ask a guy out in a text and when he replies back say oh I'm sorry that was supposed to be for a friend- but yea what are you doing?"

    and being obvious sometimes doesn't hurt especially if your after a shy guy...

    hope my advice helps somewhat