Can you set liquid foundation with powder foundation for fuller coverage?

Instead of a regular powder, can you set liquid foundation with a powder foundation?


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  • I remember reading this article a while ago now, so have copied and pasted the paragraph most appropriate.

    I do hope it will be of some help to you.

    "If you want to "set" your foundation, I strongly, strongly advise that you invest in a colourless translucent powder, which not only works for every single skin tone in existence, but will also prevent that horrendous cakey texture from messing up your otherwise bang-on make up application".


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  • You can! But I wouldn't recommend going full coverage on both. Here go full coverage on one and low to medium on the other or medium to both.

    You can also find foundations that provide build able coverage if one layer high coverage liquid isn't doing it for you.

  • Yes you can. That's what most people do :)


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