Advice on training my hair?

I'm a girl. I recently cut the back of my hair to a bit longer than my shoulders. I've had long bangs for about a year and a half now. I kind of have that " rocker " or " emo " look hair kind of I hate to use labels. But my hair is like guys hair in the making. I want to know how can you train your hair to naturally fall forward. I want to be able to backcomb my hair and it just to fall back in place. The reason why I say this is because my best friend said her hair ( kind of like what I'm reaching for ) all she does is backcomb a and hairsprays but she said that her hair just naturally falls forward no matter what and I would ask her to cut my hair but she recently moved to JAPAN. My hair parts and so much crazy crap. I've tried training my hair with hairdryering it, clips, hairspray and wearing hats. It doesn't fall forward no matter what. Any advice? Please? I really want hair like my friend who her hair seems to always fall back into place. I do in fact have a scar from busting my head on the left side of my forehead and a cowlick that takes up most of my forehead but I plan to get that fixed. Anyway any ways on training? I have tried STRAITEN ironing and my hair turns out to be a greasy mess. Anyway... I need your help. Thanks for reading such a long message.


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  • how is it possible to TRAIN your hair? LOL


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