Who to make myself look older?

I've quite a young face for a 16(nearly 17) year old and I want to make myself look my age or even a bit older anyone got any tips and I do wear a good bit of makeup! Help me please!


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  • Oh mercy.

    Don't be one of those underaged girls trying to look over 18.

    First of all, the idea of looking older may seem attractive now, but in a few short years you'll be dying for the reverse. Cherish your youthful face.

    If you really wanted to look older... get tan. Be warned though, you'll just doom yourself to a nasty wrinkled face by the time you hit 30.

    • I don't want to look 18 I just want to look my age I look about 14/15 sometimes! And I'm a pale person and dislike tan rather stay natural and pale! And true yeah but it's hard at this age with age and stuff like that

    • I dunno. Short skinny and pale has always been my type. The girls I dated in high school always got so mad when people thought they were younger than they were, but I always thought they were beautiful. Its one of those things where this is much more important to you than your friends and loved ones. They don't see it as a flaw.

    • Thanks and I do have guy friends that like pale short and slim girls which is me but there's this one guy don't know what he likes or if he likes me...

  • dye your hair grey


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