For all of the girls that wear those nike tempo shorts, which of these?

which of these, if you've ever had a player or cocky like guy act like that with you when u wore them, have u used on him that worked easily on him, too his ego down a little, destroyed his focus?
  • Don't own/wear them
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  • I do, but have never run into a guy acting like that while wearing them
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  • I do, have and tried 1 or more of these, but none ever had any effect on him
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  • I do&have. Tilt my head a little, put on a flirty face, push my hip out, hand on my hip, stare at him 2 see when he looks down shocked
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  • I do&have. keep a good poker face, stick my hip out, hand on my hip, stare at him poker faced 2 see when he looks down
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  • what is the appeal with those shorts? I just googled them and they look like shorts that frumpy moms chasing after 3 kids would wear to walmart


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