How to get a female friend to go shopping with?

I am not straight - I am asexual, feel free to ask if curious - so it would not be a date thing. I have only recently come out and have never really been close to any women. I kind of feel like I want a girl to be BFFs with, kind of the stereotype "gay best friend" relationship thing. I don't really know how to accomplish this though. I am probably over thinking this, but I don't know; I guess it just feels a little awkward inviting yourself to something, as I won't be shopping for myself just kind of tagging along. Ladies any advice?


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  • Any girl would love to go shopping, honestly. Just ask one of your friends if she wants to go shopping. And what's asexual?

    • An asexual is someone who does not feel any sexual attraction. Asexuality is a sexual orientation and like any other is just the way you were made. Asexuals can experience romantic and aesthetic attraction however. So, you could find someone to be handsome/ beautiful and want to form relationships but with no or little desire to engage in sexual intercourse with anyone; though some asexuals don’t feel those forms of attraction either. I experience a great deal of aesthetic attraction towards women which is probably why I love ladies fashion. I also experience romantic attraction towards women, but it is pretty rare.

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