What kind of person do these clothes and personality traits describe?

Ok so it's on a guy, listed below are clothes and personality traits.

-khaki pants
-cargo shorts
-camo pants (like once but it was worn in like a Kanye west way)
-diamond co shirts
-burton backpacks
-college sweatshirts
-football/lacrosse tournament shirts rarely
-reckless co shirts
-basketball shorts
-different pairs of nikes 99.9% of the time.

-plays lacrosse
-plays football
-tries to make people smile sometimes


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  • Jocky... ((filler))

    • like if you saw him in public wearing khakis, a diamond co t shirt, varsity jacket, and bright nikes what would you think of him?

    • Um his either trying to hard or his a douchy althetic person.. Do you know him personally? You do you admire him from afar?

    • He has a major crush on me according to most people and his behavior makes me agree. So I don't know him very well. Talked to him once since he's very shy and doesn't always talk around me.

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