Girls what are your body hair preferences?

really hairy: this doesn't mean long hair it just means it grows in places like the chest maybe back and butt crack

hairy: it grows in the typical areas as in legs and armpits

clean cut: he trims areas like legs and armpits down to very short hair like a stubby beard but not shaved

clean shaven: he shaves everything or the majority of his body.
  • really hairy
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  • hairy
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  • clean cut
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  • clean shaven
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Most Helpful Girl

  • My boyfriend is somewhere between really hairy and hairy.

    He's a furry beast... but his hair is so fine and blonde that I suspect he'd be ever furrier looking if he had darker hair.

    He has hairy forest legs, a happy trail, pit hair, scruffy facial hair and some chest hair going on. But its almost all blonde so I suspect if he had black hair he'd look like a bear or something.


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