Help girls ! What should I do?

So I bleached my hair ! And now I have this fart smell in it and I don't know how to get rid of that smell I already showered but it doesn't go away ! Anything you guys know?


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  • Relax, sweetie, don't sweat it.. If the Smell is still there in the morning, even After another Shower, make a quick appointment to get into your Best Salon hair stylist to do her Very Best.
    I also just read using Diced or stewed tomatoes is also a good remedy to get out this "Bleach" blemish out. Perhaps Try this First before doing anything. It says it will Not alter the color, just remove the odor.
    Good luck... You'll be back to sugar 'n' spice in no time. xx

  • did you use straight bleach or did you use a kit?

    • I used a kit

    • well first of all, it will take a couple of washes to get the "bleach" smell out of your hair. what color hair did you have before you bleached? I bleached twice and used Wella Toner with basically removes orange/yellow brassy tones and also helps get rid of the bleach smell. you need a really good Purple shampoo from any beauty supply store to also help get rid of brassiness. but as far as the smell, it will take a couple of washes to completely get rid of the "bleach" smell.

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