Need help buying shoes and boots for my wife?

hi, my wife is 25 years old.
starting to plan for Christmas shopping for her and she said that she wants some sexy shoes and boots for xmas.
nothing hookerish.. classy but sexy.
im not good at this kinda thing so was wondering if the girls of gag could maybe point me in the right direction or even post links so shoes and boots that would make a good Christmas gift for you.
she didn't really specify specifics... she wants me to pick what i think id like on her.
so ya any help would be appreciated in helping me find her some sexy and classy shoes and boots. ones she can wear out partying and clubbing but also wear to a wedding or dinner or to work.


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  • if your looking for classy, try a ankle hugger with a 3-4 inch heel. best place to find shoes would be DSW. (designer shoe warehouse).


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