Girl said that I dress like an old man? Would this be a deal breaker?

I guess it's true to some degree, but I like the way I dress. Cardigans, khakis, sweaters, blazers, leather shoes and dress pants - that's me.

Although I like the way I dress I don't want it to affect my (already slim) chances of finding a decent girl. The girl who said it, said it in a derogatory sense, and it has made me second guess what I wear ever since.
Is this something that would matter to you? Honestly.

P. S. 18, in uni.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • To me that sounds more like class. It means u dress more mature than most 18 year old guys who have never heard of a belt and wear their pants so low everyone can see their underwear. It's just not presentable. I love it when guys wear blazers and dress pants, shirts tucked in... It says to me he's not lazy and knows how to take care of himself well. Sadly where I come from its a rare sight. I wouldn't take it as a bad thing. Infact, I wish more men dress like u haha :p


Most Helpful Guy

  • I like those clothes.

    There's time for them later in life.

    Being well dressed means being appropriately dressed for your environment. Otherwise it's a costume.

    I actually think casual dressing is harder to do well.


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  • Don't worried there are Lot's girls out there that like the way you dress. don't over think it you're fine the way you are.

  • What's wrong with old men clothes? They are fine

  • She might have been just teasing you. I call my best friend an old man all the time doesn't mean anything. I tease him because I love him

  • Not all people are into fashion and clothes, sometimes a great personality it's all it takes to find the right person.. Don't loose your personal style!!


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