What type of ring is it?

My girlfriend was discussing Christmas with me and she managed to let it slip that she wanted to get me a ring. She said she found this type of ring in a viral YouTube video where the guy got it for his girlfriend and his friends were laughing at him. She said it was a ring that originated from a culture and that it was very meaningful. I know it's not much to go off but anyone know what kind of ring it could be cause I'm too impatient to find out myself


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  • It is not an engagement ring that she is after is it?

    • Bloody hope not! I love her and all but I'm only 18

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    • Sounds like she might like a promise ring. Although to be honest I think that you are too young. At 28 I said to a friend in front of my partner (34 years) who I had been seeing 3 years, that we might sometimes down the line think about getting married. My partner almost had a heart attack. My point is, hold onto your freedom as long as you can.

    • We're both Christian so we've spoken at length about the realism of marriage. Personally I want to be married younger but not for like three years. I don't feel like she stops my freedom, she's pretty good like that. She lets me hang out with my buddies and do what I want. Plus I don't wanna lose this girl cause she cleans up and cooks ahahahha

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