Can a wetsuit work for a catwoman Halloween costume?

I have a full black wetsuit I can pair with some boots and gloves. I'm wondering if that would make a sexy catwoman costume or a sweaty catwoman? I do plan on going to the bar and dancing the night away lol


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  • You will sweat like a mother, What about those morph suits?

    • The problem is I don't have one of those...

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    • Haha I've never actually done that... it's always been in freezing water... hahaha is it really that hot?

    • It keeps you warm in freezing water,...

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  • A sweaty suit. Ewwwww

    • Really? Will it be that bad? It's really tight so it looks sexy :)

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    • Yeah and the tighter it is, the more you'll sweat.. er, glisten, that's not good if you plan to dance too. Just try and find a regular suit that's not as tight

    • id like to see you in it;)

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  • yes it can work... but can you do that in another day except halloween? have the guts to do it?

    • What do you mean?

    • you didn't understand? wear THIS costume in another day exept halloween... have you got the guts?

    • why?

  • no sorry it will look silly. you need the real thing.


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