What color and style of panties should I wear for tennis?

I know this may seem like an odd question, especially for a guy, but me and my best friend, Katt, are gonna try playing tennis, and we're doing it at an indoor tennis court. The outfit I'm gonna wear is a black tennis dress. I don't really care if Katt sees my underwear, but is there a specific type of panties and/or color that is the best? I feel like white hipster panties will work fine, but I just wanna know if there are any other suggestions.


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  • Lol... I suppose someone has to ask this rather obvious question, so it might as well be me... Just why are you going to wear a black dress, and why a dress in the first place? :)

    • Well, I'm wearing a tennis dress because it's much more comfortable, and it's black because that's the color that I am in the mood for. Lulz.

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    • Oh. Silly me!

    • :) ... I forgive you.
      Now, please go and enjoy your tennis. :)

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  • For tennis? something that keeps your package in place without squeezing it. You'll move arround a lot, so better keep things in place XD
    May i suggest some boxer briefs? Color is up to you (just pick one that isn't transparent when it gets damp/wet) XD

  • OK, not judging, but just wanting clarification, you are a Dude, asking for advice about panties under a tennis dress?
    I'm assuming 'yes', which isn't any issue to me, but I would have to wonder why you didn't 'google' something like 'tennis panties' or 'tennis attire', that would probably tell you what women wear.
    I think that women's tennis dresses, skirts, etc, are all about showing off but not looking like a slut! There is nothing wrong with the erotic thrill of showing your underpants, bare bottom, etc! I ADORE the 'upskirt' shots of their perfect bottoms, in their pants, sometimes with panties, underneath, showing lines!
    If you are a guy, wearing a tennis dress, why not go commando, and post pics? NOBODY has done that, as far as I know!! :)

  • get the ones that matches your skin tone or cloth tone. no1 needs to see your underwear.

  • How to dress like that if you're comfortable


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