What is more physically masculine with hair and muscle?

I got another one for you ladies. It may be a loaded question as it is so particular but I feel like I'll ask it anyway and feel free to add in any other types other than the two I provide:
what is more physically attractive to you: dudes who are muscular with long hair say to shoulders or a little longer (not hair length down back) or muscular and short hair (say short or crew cut)

Thanks ladies


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  • Short hair but some guys with long hair can really pull it off, it usually tells me they are confident too which is very attractive :-)

    • That's interesting. Why is confidence in a man attractive? I've heard that before. Also why would a man with long hair show confidence? Because he goes against the grain.

    • Exactly; it shows generally he is his own person and likes what he likes, he has the confidence to not conform. Confidence just is very attractive haha, perhaps especially to someone who lacks it like myself.

    • Thank you. You should answer the newest question I asked too. I'd like your opinion as well as it pertains to men and long hair confidence again.

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