Dying hair from blonde to dark brown? Advice/help?

My hair is naturally a middle of the road browny blonde and I've been dying it blonde at a salon for a while. I haven't had it done in a while as I'm considering going dark for the winter so my roots are showing quite a bit. I've always wanted to know what dark hair would look like. My hair is in good condition as I don't dye it often and look after it.

My question is how would I go about dying it that colour? Would I need to strip the blonde out of my hair to take it back to the natural colour and then apply the dark dye? Or do I need to dye it a red colour first to put pigment in it and then dye it dark? How much damage would this do to my hair? I want to use the method that causes the least amount of damage possible. I'll probably eventually want to go lighter again and my hair's condition is important to me. Should I go to a salon to do it?

Sorry for all the questions but if anyone has done this it'd be so helpful to know how you did it and how it turned out! x


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  • Do what you want to it.. but if you are doing it to change your appearance for some guy.. here's my tip..

    HE doesn't CARE!!


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  • Do not strip the blonde out of your hair. That will harm your hair a lot, trust me on that. Try dyeing it 1 or 2 shades darker than the shade of brown you want. Then it will balance with your blonde. You will probably need to dye it at least once after it. But as far as I know that's the safest method. If you're still feeling unsure about it, then I'd suggest you to go to a hair salon.


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  • Here's what i did when i had blonde hair.. because its sooo hard to cover.. I buy a semi permanent color and do that.. its not as harsh on hair or something and when it does fade you don't have harsh roots.. yes its going to fade but just color it again. okay i found what i used


    there's a link its not box dye. and then you have to buy the developer too but its way better for your hair then coloring it with box dye. i recommend it it took me so long to get my blonde out of my hair.. im still fighting the battle but this deff helped. Hopefully that helps!


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