Why he doesn't reply to me anymore?

I've meet him more than a month ago. Then we've been chatting online or calling... But every time I have to be the first contact to him. and now, I left text on mob, on chat, he doesn't wanna reply at all... Does it mean that he is not interested in me ? The first time we met each other, he said he like mine hair style, my shoes, my coat, my clothes, my voice is cute, my lips, my eyes, small size body... cute, my bag, almost everything...

I think if a guy like a girl, definitely he would have time contacting her? Does it mean that he doesn't like me at all? if so, why he doesn't wanna tell me? I don't know what to do with him... He said he had ex girlfriend for long and she get married and got 2 kids, after 5 years, she contacted him and he said no more to her... he said he was waiting her 5 years looking forward to her contacting. He told that he got over it...

I don't understand, why he was waiting for those who doesn't love him with true love at all... And he doesn't appreciate what he got from me now... :(


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  • 1 month is a VERY long time. I have been through this before with women and it's pretty much the same. He has moved on, and most likely found someone else to have fun with. It happens all the time. Get over it & move on. I mean seriously, How long does it take out of someones day to drop an email, or text ? Think about it. If someone doesn't reply to me after 3 days I just start looking for someone else to talk to. If I don't reply to someone by email or text for a week it means I'm just not that interested in them. Simple as that. sorry.

    Anyway, that's the truth & good luck


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  • Well, hun, a month is not a long time, especially if it's all online. I would not get bent out of shape over who you are or what you look like over this guy at all! Just because he is not replying does not mean you are all of a sudden fat, ugly whatever. It means that he is either scared, not ready to commit, still hung up on his ex, and him not telling you is because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings or he may just be unsure about the whole situation...regardless, I would waste much time thinking about him. I know easier said than done, especially if you want a relationship with someone, but truth is, it's not worth getting upset over. You seem young, friendly, caring, stylish, sensitive, qualities almost anyone may enjoy. Stay true to yourself and don't focus on what's not there. Focus on what is there, right now. Stay positive. Love yourself. :) Hope this helps.

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