Wide calf womens boots?

my girl wants me to buy her some boots but its hard cause she's very specific and wondering if the girls of gag can lend me a hand.

she wants preferably over the knee but knee high will do
brown leather
wedge heel
and has to be wide calf cause she has bigger calves naturally from dance.
her calves are 16"
really wanna make her happy
any help would be great


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What Girls Said 1

  • Well what country are you in? Nobody can recommend where to shop if they don't know where you're shopping from!

    • canada... but was planning on shopping online

    • I'm in Britain, so even the places I could recommend, I don't think they ship to Canada. I would say eBay though, I know a few girls who go to eBay for wider boots because they can't find them in other places.
      If you just look for something like EE or EEE boots, those are the most common sizes I hear of wider foot/calf people getting, but careful, because it could mean going down a foot size because sometimes the width makes people have to size up and they don't know it's just the width not length. If you want a proper specific size, tailored for her. You need to get her foot length and width measured, and her calf measured, then look up on the size conversion for what width size letter would fit her.
      I do know of one Canadian online shop that does wider boots, but they are kinda expensive, so I don't know it you really want to be spending that on a girl lol

What Guys Said 1

  • Or you could tell her to buy her own damn boots.


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