Do professional Makeup Aritsts get paid well?

Im hoping to qualify as a professional makeup artist some time in the future, and work hard to get a nice house thats big, but not sure if the job gets paid well, anybody know?:)


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  • I am a certified makeup artist, and you can be paid well depending on the route you go, and what the demand is for makeup artists in your area. If you just want to do smaller projects like bridals, prom, etc., what you make depends on you. But if you get involved with the film industry and get qualified to work as a union (SAG-AFTRA) makeup artist, you can be paid about $1000/day, depending on the project and your contract. You could be paid more if it's a big budget film, but at minimum, you can be looking at the $1000/day.

    • I hope to become a professional one for celebrities and movies, i know i will have to work to get more known and put myself out there, but if i didn't get that, and was just a professional makeup artist how much would you think?

    • That all depends on you and the clientele you build, and the type of makeup services you do. You could work at the makeup counter in a department store, or you could see about helping out with stage productions at local schools or universities. Then of course you could do like I mentioned before, and do makeup for brides or for formal dances at local schools, and even Halloween. How much you make is really going to depend on the demand for makeup artists in your area, having a competitive rate, and how well you market yourself. I would suggest doing some research in your area and maybe look up and talk to a couple of makeup artists in your area to see how well they do. That way you can also maybe see a way to differentiate yourself, or find a niche you want to focus on.

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  • Probably the ones who get into Movies/TV do pretty well for themselves.


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  • I just checked on work. chron. com, and it said that in 2011, makeup artists working in the United States earned an average annual salary of nearly $64,000 and average hourly wage of about $30.50.


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