Crazy ways to dress up (need this for tomorrow)?

Tommorow is school spirit week. I need some crazy ways to dress up since it's part of the school tradition and all.


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  • you have free range to dress up however you want? during spirit weeks we had to dress to a certain code that correlated with the school spirit lol.

    • Yeah free range. Some people wear a mixture of clothes (one ontop of the other or different shoes), other even wear costumes

    • hmm how about this then, take your school spirit colors and fuse them with your favorite dazzling outfit that reflects your passion and interests in a stunning way. this also means, shoes, rings, socks, headwear, bands, bracelets, armbands, backpack, coats, skirts, anything you are going to have on your person :D

    • ooh noice:D TyvM!:)

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  • Wear a shirt that says SWAG, and then wear some crocs.


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