To tuck or not to tuck? Should a guy tuck his shirt?

Should a guy tuck his shirt?
  • Tuck shirt all the time
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  • Never tuck
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  • Only leave untucked if really casual
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  • Only tuck if formal
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Personally I'd go with C. I would generally tuck in my shirt in a semi formal situation.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Just quick note: look at the age of people answering.

    Generally older people always tuck, younger people never do so you really have to assess whose company you're going to be in with this one. If you're going to an event with people over the age of 35 I say tuck. If you're going to some thing hosted by 24 year olds don't worry about it


Most Helpful Guy

  • Tuck almost always, unless really casual (and it has to be a shirt that was designed to be untucked--not all shirts are). When your shirt is untucked, it throws off the proportions between your upper and lower body, dwarfing the size of your legs and making you appear misshapen compared to someone in a tucked shirt.

    Most shirts are not designed to be untucked. Check the length when you put it on--if you can't see most of your back pockets when untucked, the shirt is too long and you should tuck it in.

    Plus, if you're really nailing your style, you should be wearing multiple layers--so two layers that are untucked, frankly, look extremely sloppy. Tuck the first layer, and then let the second drape over your belt-line (eg, a shirt with a jacket, or a t-shirt with a flannel shirt layered on top).

    And lastly--it's just crisper. Unless you are going after girls in a particular sub-culture where untucked everything is the norm, tuck it in.

    • @asker
      Forgot to mention: When you are untucked, you miss out on the advantage of a visible belt. Belts can be one of your most novel and fashion-forward accessories--don't neglect one of the few accessories available to you as a guy. Tucking in your shirt allows you to take full advantage of the flash you can achieve with a belt.

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  • Don't tuck your shirt in unless you absolutely have to.

  • I never do, but I usually always wear dri-fit.

  • Only tuck if you are somewhere very formal.

  • It depends on the type of shirt. Look at the bottom of the shirt and check to see if the tail hangs down longer in back than in front.

    T-shirts shouldn't be tucked in.
    Dress shirts should be tucked in.
    Polo shirts can be left tucked or untucked.

    • No don't ever tuck polo shirts.

    • I don't personally tuck them either, but it is acceptable to tuck them in.

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